Haus "Kamen" is situated on a wooded hillside under rocks with a beautiful view of the island of Krk and the Adriatic Sea, 4.5 miles from the house. The property belongs to the small landmarked village Belgrad (250 m above sea level). Shopping places, bars and cafes are located in the next village Grizane, half a mile from Belgrade. Right behind the house there is a middle-age church with old glagolic inscriptions tracing back to the 13th century.

The valley of Vinodol, in which Belgrade is situated, extends from Krizisce up to Bribir and offers various outdoor possibilities. Forests, elevated plains and mountains invite to hiking trips, old Frankopan castles in Drivenik and Grizane to cultural excursions and the artificial lake in Tribalj to fishing expeditions.

The Mediterrean Sea and the town Crikvenica are to be found 4.5 miles from the house. They offer beaches and bays, various restaurants and a market place. The nearest international airport is Rijeka, 30 minutes drive from Belgrade.